Can You Risk a Flop? Test to Guarantee ROI Instead

By Bill Cunningham

May 10, 2018


Do you remember the original Blade Runner? Probably, because it was largely successful and has now become a classic. Did you see Blade Runner 2049? If you saw it in theaters, you’re in the minority. The film needed to make $400 million at the box office to break even… it grossed $259.2 million worldwide. It had everything going for it — an established fan base, Harrison Ford ­— so what went wrong? Well, it’s likely you make similar calculations all the time for your team. You want to invest in growth, but can you risk a Blade Runner 2049?

Ensure Your ROI

Most of the time when faced with a purchase decision we look at the immediate factors: initial cost, implementation time, required resources, etc. While these all play an important role in business decisions, sometimes we over emphasise the immediate at the expense of future returns. When you invest in a vendor or a product, you do so because it will improve your earnings — not because it’s inexpensive in the moment. So, how do you know what those down-the-line earnings will amount to?

The simple answer is to A/B test. You can comparison shop beyond budget and features; you can look at the actual return each vendor delivers. Before you invest in your Blade Runner 2049 you can see how it does with real-time viewers. No more just hoping for a good return.

Invest in the A/B Test

Now, A/B testing is an investment as well. And, most A/B testing solutions don’t deliver a defensible ROI report that shows how your digital channel variations perform at every step of the way. SiteSpect does, and we do it in a way that guarantees performance.

image of SiteSpect's reporting dashboard

As soon as you implement SiteSpect, you can see exactly what ROI you’re getting. Because you’re in total control of your A/B tests, you’re guaranteed success. Brands regularly see 30x ROI with us, because all of our reporting is transparent and accurate. You’ll see revenue impact, risk avoidance, and campaign status all in one place. If you’d like alerts, we have those too.

To learn more about SiteSpect, visit our website.


Bill Cunningham

Bill Cunningham

Bill Cunningham is the Chief Revenue Officer at SiteSpect, leading a national team and overseeing marketing messaging, programs, and communication. He has over 25 years of VP experience and is based in Boston.

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