Are You Suffering from a Pain in the Apps?

By SiteSpect Marketing

February 2, 2018


Whether you’re a marketer trying to meet the expectations of your customers to have a mobile app feel on your website or a developer trying to make that happen, SPA (Single Page Apps) can cause a lot of strife, division, and complexity — in other words, a real pain in the app!

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How do SPA impact your business?

My colleague Paul had a great perspective on SPA and how they impact your optimization program, and I’m going to delve deeper into how they impact your business. As marketers or product managers know, customers want speed (app-like ease and performance), marketers want market adaptability, and dev and IT want to use their chosen tools or Javascript frameworks — Javascript is by far the most popular language according to Github. And as Paul writes “While the terms SPA, Angular and React resonate with developers, the concept remains a black box to many marketers and business stakeholders.”

All of these players and business issues — and the fact that there are several different Javascript frameworks to build SPA —causes PAIN. Much of that pain is driven by business wanting control (whether real or perceived) over A/B testing and changes to the website. So, companies use tagging based A/B testing and optimization solutions — but there’s a price. You lose speed and severely reduce flexibility as a result of limited SDK for tag based solutions.

What’s the cure for your SPA pain?

There is a solution to this mess and it can easily be tied to an ROI that benefits your company — it’s the approach SiteSpect utilizes. We utilize the power of the proxy to ensure there is no javascript frame we cannot use today or new technical approaches tomorrow.  Moreover we are integrated on the server’s client side A/B tests (in the browser) for solutions like SPA or server side optimization. As Paul put it, companies need “A healthy balance of client-side and server side A/B testing under one unified platform, empowering business and technical users alike”

In short we eliminate the pain. We ensure a great customer experience because we link client side and server side in one place and we provide IT with the flexibility to utilize the frameworks they wish — without consequences. Perhaps our greatest benefit is a single place where both business and IT can work together to optimize their customer journey as a fast, flexible, and shared environment — we can’t solve all your pain but we can eliminate the pain in the Apps!

What do you end up with? A healthy balance of client-side and server-side A/B testing under one unified platform, empowering business and technical users alike. That way you’ll be able to transition to the SPA world without skipping a beat and increase your A/B testing velocity.

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