Announcing SiteSpect Rollouts

By SiteSpect Marketing

January 22, 2021


We are excited to announce SiteSpect Rollouts. Delivered via the same platform and interface as your SiteSpect A/B Testing, Personalization, and Product Recommendations, you can use Rollouts to manage your entire product lifecycle. Product releases are an exciting time, but they don’t come without risk. A lot of time and resources go into developing new features, but it can be a challenge to release them without the assurance that they work as you expect on real traffic and move your metrics in the right direction. SiteSpect is the only solution with release rollouts that allows you to A/B test releases, validate their efficacy, and roll them back if necessary without disrupting your code base. In addition to feature flags, we offer:

  • Session Tracking
  • Minimal technical debt, with no 3rd party code to clean up
  • Full release testing to compare entire release packages beyond individual features
  • Continuous deployment, so you can release individual services to targeted audiences
  • AJAX & JSON changes
  • Smart traffic management allowing you to send traffic to alternate URLs, servers, or clouds

Full Release Testing

Release testing shouldn’t just be about the final stage of feature development. A good rollouts platform should support your team throughout the entire product lifecycle, from ideation through final analysis. Use SiteSpect to A/B test feature ideas to determine demand and impact on the customer experience. Then, use SiteSpect to design and develop features without making any permanent changes to your code base. Use Blue/Green, Canary, or Continuous Releases to release your new feature to a controlled subset of traffic. When you’re ready, rollout the feature to the full audience, or roll it back without taking on any additional risk.

Comprehensive Analytics and Reporting

With SiteSpect Rollouts, you get SiteSpect’s full analytics and reporting dashboard. For every release you can monitor hundreds of metrics, get real-time alerts on underperforming metrics, and easily export data to share with your team and stakeholders. You can learn more about SiteSpect Rollouts on our website, and request a Rollouts Demo today.


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