Announcing New Client-Side Metrics

By SiteSpect Product Management

August 26, 2019


SiteSpect’s Visual Editor has always worked with Single Page Applications (SPA). However, creating client-side metrics has, until now, required more complex web development efforts, meaning that sometimes, the benefits that SPAs bring to the table in terms of speed and user experience can be offset by the coding complexity involved in A/B Testing and Analytics.

That is why SiteSpect is pleased to announce new Client Side Metrics. Client Side Metrics enable you to create simple Metrics for your SPA without coding. Choose a combination of URL based Triggers to capture specific user actions or behaviors, just like you would for a traditional website. Client Triggers include:

  • URL
  • Query
  • Hash
  • Hash Query

Just like Client Side Variations, Client Side Metrics leverage our unique universal SPA adapter. It’s a high performance solution that enables client side A/B testing for SPAs, without the need for heavy server side development effort.

To learn more about SiteSpect, visit our website.


SiteSpect Product Management

SiteSpect Product Management

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