Announcement: Updated Trigger Capabilities

By SiteSpect Product Management

April 16, 2019


SiteSpect is excited to announce our new generation of Trigger Capabilities. Triggers tell SiteSpect when to make a change, such as display a Variation, count a Metric, or to show a Global Variation, for example. Our new trigger capabilities introduce new options and increased flexibility, allowing you to design your Campaigns exactly how you want them. Some of the new features include:

Dataset Audience Trigger

Our new Audience Trigger works exclusively on Audiences built from Data Sets. This new capability allows you to create an audience from a list of users, and continuously update that list from a third party tool.

AND / OR Boolean Operators

We’ve increased our Trigger options to allow your to use both AND and OR operators, allowing you to combine Triggers and more accurately specify Triggers.

Negate a Condition

Now, you can negate a condition without using regex. You can simply choose a “Does Not” option, such as: Does not contain, does not start with, does not end with, does not match exactly, without the need for Regular Expressions!

Repeat Triggers

You can now use any Trigger as many times as you would like (up to the limit of 15 total Triggers). This gives you more freedom to create rules that align with your business logic.

More Triggers

You can now have up to 15 Triggers at any time.

To learn more about SiteSpect, visit our website.


SiteSpect Product Management

SiteSpect Product Management

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