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Sally Hall is an Optimization Consultant at SiteSpect, guiding SiteSpect users on the road to optimization. She has more than 10 years of experience as a web optimizer and testing manager for enterprise brands. She is based in Austin, Texas.

Common Mistakes in A/B Testing: Not Segmenting Your Data

By Sally Hall · July 27, 2021

Data analysis is the crux of A/B testing and optimization. But a lot, if not most, of us who do A/B testing and optimization aren’t data analysts by trade. We’re…

Product Recommendations for the Holiday Season

By Sally Hall · November 17, 2020

There are a lot of best practices, tips, and tricks for making the most of product recommendations. However, now that we’re entering the holiday season, customer behavior starts to change,…

Liquor Retailer Streamlines Product Detail Page for 18% More Order Confirmations

By Sally Hall · October 26, 2020

Product detail pages are one of the most important factors for conversion for ecommerce sites. It’s typically the last stop a user takes before adding an item to their cart…

Business colleagues looking at metrics

4 Key Metrics to Include in Your Product Recs Campaigns

By Sally Hall · October 22, 2020

Product recommendations are an excellent tool to enhance customer experience and drive revenue. According to Accenture, 91% of people are more likely to shop with a brand that offers relevant…

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Three Ways to Optimize Your Top Navigation and Drive Conversions

By Sally Hall · September 2, 2020

Your website’s navigation can make or break your conversion rate. If your navigation is too overwhelming or, in contrast, does not offer much information, your visitors will likely be deterred…

What’s the Difference Between “Complementary” and “People Also Like” Product Recommendations?

By Sally Hall · July 14, 2020

You’re shopping online for a new rug for your living room, and you find the perfect one. You add it to your cart, and on the next screen you see…