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How to Solve Common Mistakes in A/B Testing: Setting the Wrong Metrics

By Ruby Brown · March 26, 2021

Starting an A/B testing and personalization program is hard. Whether you’re starting a program from scratch or starting a new role on a team with an established optimization program, there…

Optimization for Product Teams

By Ruby Brown · February 26, 2021

A/B testing and optimization have long been for more than just marketers and ecommerce teams. But most solutions either don’t focus on optimization for product management teams or they separate…

How to Set Expectations on Your Site

By Ruby Brown · October 8, 2020

There are many factors that influence user behavior on a site, but one virtually universal way to help visitors find what they need and improve conversions is to clearly and…

Home Goods Store Generates Millions in Additional Revenue per Week

By Ruby Brown · August 4, 2020

While having a large inventory can be a brand’s greatest strength, it can also lengthen the customer journey and make it difficult to surface categories, promotions, financing programs, and more….

safari and firefox

Keeping Up With Browser Privacy Changes with Cory Underwood

By Ruby Brown · May 20, 2020

In 2019, Safari released Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP), now on version 2.3. Firefox then released its own set of tracking prevention policies: Enhanced Tracking Protection. Closely following suit, Microsoft Edge…

What’s the Difference Between Product Recommendations Algorithms?

By Ruby Brown · May 13, 2020

Product recommendations are growing in ubiquity, and for good reason. They help customers find what they’re looking for, they help brands highlight products, and they streamline the online shopping process….