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SiteSpect new analytics report

Announcement: New Analytics Report

By SiteSpect Product Management · March 11, 2019

SiteSpect is excited to announce our new, updated, Analytics Reporting. This update comes as part of our ongoing effort to streamline the SiteSpect User Experience by providing powerful analysis with simple and easy to use reports. You can share your learnings, communicate your wins, and offer transparency within your organization even more efficiently.


8 Ways to Optimize On-Site Search

By SiteSpect Product Management · September 7, 2018

Customers navigate a website in one of two ways: they browse or they search. Yet on-site search is not always top priority when it comes to site optimization. Given the prominence of…

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Launch Multiple Campaigns at Once with Confidence: Three Ways to Preview for Better Optimization

By SiteSpect Product Management · July 30, 2018

Once you have an A/B testing program running, you’ll likely have many campaigns going at the same time. This can be a huge boost to your KPIs, but also necessitates…

Case Study: Pop Up Information Increases Conversions

By SiteSpect Product Management · July 5, 2018

Are you thinking about testing on your digital channels, or have you been running a testing program but are interested in learning more? You’ve come to the right place. Think…


Key Features for Mobile App

By SiteSpect Product Management · April 13, 2016

Today’s consumers are making the shift to mobile in record numbers. In fact, digital analytics company comScore Inc. reports that 60 percent of all U.S. digital time is spent on smartphones and…


A/B Testing Google Accelerate Mobile Pages (AMP) with SiteSpect

By SiteSpect Product Management · February 26, 2016

The AMP project was recently launched by Google to accelerate the mobile web. This development is exciting for SiteSpect not only because our solution is compatible and supports website speed…