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safari and firefox

SiteSpect Not Affected by Firefox Enhanced Tracking Prevention

By SiteSpect Product Management · June 5, 2019

Last week, Safari announced its default Internet Tracking Prevention (ITP). Today Firefox announced a similar feature — Enhanced Tracking Protection. In short, Firefox will now by default block any third-party…

sitespect real user monitoring

Announcing SiteSpect Real User Monitoring (RUM)

By SiteSpect Product Management · June 3, 2019

We’re excited to announce our newest SiteSpect feature: Real User Monitoring (RUM). You know that site performance affects your conversion goals, and you’re invested in A/B testing and personalization to…


Using the SiteSpect API in Your Optimization Program

By SiteSpect Product Management · May 30, 2019

Software companies often provide access to Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to allow their customers to extend the product and solve business problems. For example, in the world of optimization, an…

temple & webster homepage

How Temple & Webster Excels with Server-Side Testing

By SiteSpect Product Management · May 22, 2019

Temple & Webster is Australia’s leading online furniture and homewares retailer. The brand offers over 120,000 products, the largest range of any online retailer in the category, so website A/B…


4 Ways to Automate Testing with SiteSpect

By SiteSpect Product Management · May 15, 2019

As your optimization program picks up and your A/B testing volume builds, you may reach a point where you want to grow your program but can’t add resources. This is…

New Announcement

Announcement: Updated Trigger Capabilities

By SiteSpect Product Management · April 16, 2019

SiteSpect is excited to announce our new generation of Trigger Capabilities. Triggers tell SiteSpect when to make a change, such as display a Variation, count a Metric, or to show…