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Justin Bougher was the VP of Product at SiteSpect.

5 Ways to Use Product Recommendations for a Better Customer Experience

By Justin Bougher · December 13, 2019

SiteSpect Product Recommendations solution is here. In honor of our newest way to help you personalize your website, this blog will break down 5 different ways to use Product Recommendations…

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SEO and Website Optimisation: How to Make the Most of Both

By Justin Bougher · August 16, 2019

One of the most common compromises marketers end up making when doing digital optimisation is choosing between maintaining hard-earned SEO, or focusing on equally hard-earned CRO on their sites. This…

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SiteSpect is the Only Optimization Platform Not Affected by Safari ITP

By Justin Bougher · May 20, 2019

What is Safari ITP? Safari Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) is Apple’s initiative to increase customer privacy and improve the customer experience by eliminating JavaScript tags used for cross-site tracking —…

Infinite Integrations with SiteSpect

By Justin Bougher · March 7, 2019

You’ve been hearing a lot about how different optimization solutions integrate with specific softwares — Optimizely for instance just announced new integration capabilities with Lotame. This attention hammers home a…

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Your Guide to Website Flicker and How to Deal With It

By Justin Bougher · March 5, 2019

Do a quick search of the term “website flicker.” You’ll see a lot of results with titles like: “Why Do I Notice Page Flicker When the Test Page is Loading;”…

What’s The Right Amount Of Data?

By Justin Bougher · February 1, 2019

Think about your marketing stack. How many sources of data do you have? Maybe you use Google Analytics, a CRM, a Social Media Manager, a Marketing Automation Software, an SEO…