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Jen Decker found her fit in the world of inbound marketing as the digital marketing manager at SiteSpect. With an extensive background in digital marketing, Jen has a knack for writing, strategy and organization.

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9 Compilations Why You Should Stop Using Tag-Based Solutions For Your A/B Testing

By Kevin Plankey · July 11, 2022

There are a number of optimization platforms on the market, each touting its own set of differentiators and benefits. However, they all have one critical similarity – they are tag-based….

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30 Awesome Online Groups You Should Join for Effective CRO

By Kevin Plankey · June 3, 2022

As an optimization practitioner, you have a critical role in monitoring and delivering key strategies and initiatives for website success. Whether you work for an agency or a big brand,…

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Building a Successful Optimization Program

By Kevin Plankey · March 18, 2022

If you are an ecommerce or digital business with high traffic volume, you might be considering or re-evaluating your optimization program. Building a successful optimization program depends on careful planning,…

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How an Inconsistent Customer Experience is Harming Your CRO

By Kevin Plankey · March 4, 2022

One compromise that companies run into is an inconsistency in the customer experience across multiple channels. Delivering a quality customer experience means providing visitors with a consistent experience across all…

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Researching Software Applications, the Marketer’s Guide to G2

By Kevin Plankey · February 18, 2022

When you work as a digital marketer most of your career, there will be a time you get the green light to start researching software applications that will make your…

Visitor Behavior Triggers: Why this Matters in the Consumer Personalization Space

By Kevin Plankey · December 3, 2021

Personalization matters more than ever, with COVID-19 and the surge in digital behaviors raising the bar for most major brands. Studies show consumers switched to a new store, product, or…