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Haley Carpenter

Haley Carpenter

Haley specializes in conversion rate optimization, user research, and experimentation. She consults, executes, & trains large enterprise companies across many industries. She has worked at big names in the industry with all kinds of clients and just went out on her own to found her own company, Chirpy.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Governance Simplified: 5 Models for Structured and Effective Optimization

By SiteSpect Marketing · September 5, 2023

Any system needs structure in order to function, be efficient, and generate results. Solid structures require strong foundations, supporting elements, and the ability to adapt to changes. Conversion rate optimization…

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How to Turn Research Insights Into Test Ideas

By SiteSpect Marketing · June 8, 2023

Test ideation is a sore spot for many teams. You’d be surprised at how many go off of gut feelings and “we think,” “we feel,” and “we believe” statements. Usually,…