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Cory is presently an Analytics Engineer for Search Discovery. Prior to his current role, he had roles in the retail industry as a Technical Lead for Analytics, Optimization, Personalization, and Tag Implementation. In recent years, he’s presented on the topic of browser privacy in a number of podcasts, webinars and conferences.

Cory’s blog ( focuses on A/B Testing, Personalization, Privacy, and Analytics—his mission is to keep the larger analytics community informed of technical changes imposed by outside forces that could impact their implementations and reporting. You can find him engaging the community on the topics above in the

Using CNAMEs to bypass ITP has been put to Torch

By Cory Underwood · June 8, 2022

Browsers are mobilizing to combat the use of DNS CNAME records to bypass anti-tracking tech they have built in to their browsers. November is looking to be a triple whammy…