Minimize Your Risk by Testing Features Before Launch

Lisa Frank

Imagine this scenario: You help run the website for a successful e-commerce company. You listened to your customers and redesigned a key feature on your site. Based on their feedback, you thought that streamlining the search process would lead to increased conversions. But you were wrong and conversions were flat. What happened?

The Yellow Brick Road to Testing Greatness

Ellen Julian

Landing Page, UX, and Product! Oh my!

Dealing with competing testing strategies can make you feel like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. We hear from marketing teams all the time about their struggles with diverging road maps. If your testing program is caught in a tornado with no yellow brick road in sight, here are some strategies for finding focus and creating a road map to testing success.

An Analytics Framework for Optimization

Ellen Julian

To get the most out of your testing program, Analytics should be a milestone in every step in the process – from ideation to decision-making. How you leverage data – and when – is key to your success. The following research-backed tips will help you create an analytics framework for your optimization program:

Turn Your Testing Into Gold

Lou Spada

Maybe you’ve noticed that many of the products that support your web and mobile commerce efforts now include A/B testing features. Your CMS, e-commerce platform, email system, marketing automation platform, and even your phone system may all include A/B testing features, so why do you need a dedicated conversion optimization platform?

Summer Reading for Conversion Optimizers

Ellen Julian

Heading off to the beach, lake, or pool this summer for some R&R? Take advantage of your down time by reading (or re-reading) these books by marketing and optimization experts. They’ll not only help you brush up on copy, design, testing, and analytical techniques, but also provide a shot of inspiration and encouragement.

3 Benefits of Cross-Silo Collaboration in A/B Testing

Ellen Julian

Testing is critical to creating new site features and functionality, but it’s not always the first stop on the road to decision making. This is especially true for organizations that are driven by a siloed mentality. When departments do not share information with other departments in the same company, they risk spending unnecessary development time on new features that could be performance losers.

4 Ways to Automate Testing with SiteSpect

Lisa Frank

Your optimization program is catching on and your team is busy conducting tests for many different groups in your company. You are the person responsible for continuous site optimization. And you need to grow your program without adding resources to your team. How can you increase your impact? Through automation.

Responsive Design and Mobile Banking

Ellen Julian

Over two-thirds of consumers manage their bank accounts using mobile apps and browsers, and nearly half use smartphones as their primary mode of banking, according to research outlined at NetFinance 2015. It’s no wonder that optimizing content and experiences across mobile devices is a key concern for financial services marketers.

Don't Fall in Love with Your Site Redesign

Ellen Julian

The blessed day finally arrives. After months of labor selecting images and messages, the design team is ready to deliver a simpler version of your website. Excitement abounds as designers reveal gorgeous images uncluttered by pesky text. Yes, millions of visitors are about to meet your new baby!!

3 Brians, 2 Tims, and a Gaggle of Top Optimization Experts to Follow on Twitter

Ellen Julian

Want to know where testing and optimization are heading? Follow these experts to get a unique perspective, increase your knowledge, and gain new insight on best practices: