Focus on Optimization and testing

SiteSpect offers end-to-end optimization and testing solutions that leading company's use to drive strategies across all digital properties to maximize ROI. We accomplish this objective by providing the most comprehensive optimization and testing platform. By routing some (or all) of your company's online traffic through our platform, SiteSpect displays modified content to customers who meet company defined criteria.

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This approach offers distinct advantages. For example, only SiteSpect enables operators to intelligently optimize web, mobile functionality, other digital properties, and accelerate site speed using the power of multivariate testing and behavioral targeting. Tested and proven through years of refinement, SiteSpect is a scalable solution that can handle massive volumes of traffic for the world’s biggest digital businesses. With SiteSpect’s flexible deployment options, a company can choose the approach that’s right for them:

  • SiteSpect Cloud is ideal for site operators who want to optimize without installing any additional hardware or software.
  • SiteSpect Enterprise is an on-premises solution for site operators who prefer a single-tenant environment with specific security and privacy requirements.

Companies that use SiteSpect can take full advantage of AWS’s significant global footprint where organizations can manage all their systems in one place while leveraging the AWS global footprint.

All of our deployment options offer the same core functionality and are fully managed and supported by SiteSpect and our Services team.

SiteSpect solutions are regularly audited by third-party security firms and have been rated as "compliant" under the PCI 2.0 Data Security Standard since 2009.


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