Download button’s dedication to providing the best possible customer service includes continually soliciting feedback from customers. This feedback indicated that Quill’s online check-out experience was complicated and lengthy, resulting in lower conversions.

Solution: turned to SiteSpect to test and validate potential website changes and determine which changes quantifiably improved the check-out experience.


Overall site conversion improved 57 basis points, translating to double-digit million dollar incremental revenue lift on an annualized basis.

Adjustments to check-out flow produces big results

It’s one thing to test different designs on a check-out page, but it’s another to test the effect of removing part of the check-out flow altogether. Quill did just that with its product recommendation page – a technically innovative page that used predictive modeling. Testing check-out results with this page versus without it uncovered that the recommendation page provided too much additional detail and was an obstacle for users during the check-out process.

SiteSpect’s data-driven approach to determining which changes made a significant difference to the check-out flow “helped us draw a line in the sand,” said Matt LaBarre, Senior Analyst, Global Testing and Web Analytics for Quill. “During this test, overall site conversion improved and we continued to see similar trends in conversion after we deployed permanent changes associated with the SiteSpect test.”

Analysis and Segmentation Were Key

According to LaBarre, the additional analysis that SiteSpect enabled, including segmentation around behavior of individual visitors, was key to success. “Seeing results in real time was critical for us, and also having access to downloadable data to run our backend analysis was essential to gaining upper management’s buy-in of the results in real time was critical for us, and also having access to downloadable data to run our back-end analysis was essential to gaining upper management’s buy-in of the results.”

Other positive results of working with SiteSpect have included improved cross- department communication and enhanced ability to focus on areas in need of site improvements. “The increase in site conversion was a great proof point to the effectiveness of the testing team. In fact, the gains from this test have helped fund the ecommerce and testing team ongoing into the future.”

Increased Confidence and Informed Decision-Making

Quill is moving faster than ever with site improvements. “We’re making better, more informed decisions on how to improve the customer experience,” said LaBarre. “SiteSpect is a main player in our testing pipeline activities and we continue to see great gains from multiple campaigns.”

Only SiteSpect enables customers like Quill to test every part of their site, from how it looks to how it works. In fact, SiteSpect clients can test everything – front-end usability, back-end functionality, dynamic content, mobile web, and native mobile apps – and target anyone, all in one solution.


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