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Too many of the company’s members abandon checkout because they haven’t registered their membership with the website and they don’t know their membership number at checkout. This situation has led to a gap in their omnichannel member insight and promotional opportunities.


SiteSpect’s comprehensive digital optimization platform enabled the company to A/B test and optimize the check-out user experience to significantly improve conversion rates and revenue. In


  • $12M increase to net gross merchandise value (GMV)
  • 376% increase in number of guest checkouts. 


The warehouse company was a longtime customer of the SiteSpect solution and requested SiteSpect expertise to determine what changes provide the biggest impact on members adding their information to their online profile. SiteSpect and the warehouse company conducted explicit A/B tests to statistically identify the best customer experience design. Additionally, the team was also able to pre- determine no negative impact to new membership opportunities. The final solution was identified and quickly distributed across the customer’s web environment with little effort by other organization within the business, like IT.

Benefits experienced from sitespect include

  • Empowering agility and flexibility in testing to best meet goals
  • Created better experience for customer
  • Increased conversion, revenue, and membership participation on Web
  • Fast deployment (minutes) of the best interface across the entire site


The warehouse company uses SiteSpect as a key segment of its optimization program. They leverage SiteSpect for comprehensive end-to-end optimization and testing to drive revenue and reduce risks. Their A/B tests are quickly built, tested to a statistical significance, and rolled out to production all utilizing the SiteSpect platform.

About the customer

A large, members only warehouse/big box retailer located in North America with a significant eCommerce presence.

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