Using the SiteSpect API in Your Optimization Program

Lisa Frank

Software companies often provide access to Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to allow their customers to extend the product and solve business problems. For example, in the world of optimization, an API can be used to automate certain aspects of the testing program or help test a feature or site release.

3 Brians, 2 Tims, and a Gaggle of Top Optimization Experts to Follow on Twitter

Ellen Julian

Want to know where testing and optimization are heading? Follow these experts to get a unique perspective, increase your knowledge, and gain new insight on best practices:

3 Reasons to End Your Test

Ellen Julian

How do you know when to end your A/B or multivariate test? Many optimization teams stop their tests too early; others run them too long. We chatted with Paul Terry, Senior Optimization Consultant at SiteSpect and former Web Optimization Analyst at PRIMEDIA, to find out what to consider before ending a test.

The Role of Mobile Devices in Researching Travel Options

Lisa Frank

An increasing number of consumers are using mobile devices to research travel options. They may research and book a trip using only a mobile device. This post shares some practical ways you can use tests to optimize your mobile presence.

5 Steps to Ignite Your Optimization Program

Ellen Julian

Website testing teams often ask us how to scale their optimization programs to deliver more powerful results. Whether creating a new optimization team from the ground up or updating an existing one, you’ve got to base your actions on well-developed strategic plans. These five steps will start a fire under your optimization program

Come Join Us at ROX!

Lisa Frank

You’re invited! If you are an optimization professional, then the SiteSpect Regional Optimization Exchange (ROX) is the event for you.

Website Testing, Page Load, and Foie Gras

Ellen Julian

Chances are that improving your website’s page-load speed is one of your marketing team’s top New Year’s resolutions. It’s well-documented that slow-loading pages affect customer satisfaction, SEO, and conversions, but marketers continue to make the same mistake every year by unintentionally slowing down their sites with heavy images, video, and website code. What’s an optimization team to do to break this cycle and teach marketers that they are creating the equivalent of website foie gras–a rich and appealing user experience that is detrimental to your brand’s health?

Mobile Commerce and the 2014 Holiday Season

Lisa Frank

Retailers are seeing mobile commerce take on a greater role in the 2014 holiday season. To maximize your conversions, your optimization program should test all aspects of the mobile experience.

Four Tips For Building A Culture Of Optimization

Lisa Frank

A culture of optimization helps companies achieve test success. At a recent Digital Analytics Association (DAA) event, Krista Seiden of Google discussed four practical tips on how to lay the groundwork for a culture of optimization.

SiteSpect Enables Programmatic Approach to Testing with Major Expansion of its APIs

Kim Ann King

SiteSpect announced a major expansion to its APIs, which extend the functionality of its site optimization platform.