3 Benefits of Cross-Silo Collaboration in A/B Testing

Ellen Julian

Testing is critical to creating new site features and functionality, but it’s not always the first stop on the road to decision making. This is especially true for organizations that are driven by a siloed mentality. When departments do not share information with other departments in the same company, they risk spending unnecessary development time on new features that could be performance losers.

How 3 Universal Truths Identified by Target Apply to Optimization

Lisa Frank

The 11th Annual Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition has started! Thousands of attendees and hundreds of exhibitors have arrived and sessions are underway. This morning, the keynote featured Jason Goldberger, president of Target.com and mobile. He discussed the “Retail Revolution: How Digital is Transforming Target and Fueling the Future of Shopping.”

Testing Tools Versus Experts or Why You Shouldn’t Consider Surgery on Yourself

Lou Spada

Picking A/B testing software to optimize your website is as simple as choosing a scalpel to perform surgery on yourself. Anyone can pick up a scalpel and begin cutting, yet it is entirely useless and dangerous in inexperienced hands.

Cyber Monday Is Sooner Than You Think: Is Your Mobile Site Ready?

Ellen Julian

This may be the first week of June, but the holiday season is really not that far off. Data from Forrester and IBM revealed that U.S. online sales on Cyber Monday continue to outpace Thanksgiving and Black Friday. In addition, mobile shoppers created record-breaking results for retailers and other businesses over the 2014 holiday season as consumers increasingly used smartphones and tablets to browse and buy.

4 Ways to Automate Testing with SiteSpect

Lisa Frank

Your optimization program is catching on and your team is busy conducting tests for many different groups in your company. You are the person responsible for continuous site optimization. And you need to grow your program without adding resources to your team. How can you increase your impact? Through automation.

Responsive Design and Mobile Banking

Ellen Julian

Over two-thirds of consumers manage their bank accounts using mobile apps and browsers, and nearly half use smartphones as their primary mode of banking, according to research outlined at NetFinance 2015. It’s no wonder that optimizing content and experiences across mobile devices is a key concern for financial services marketers.

Ideas to Help You Expand Your Optimization Program

Lisa Frank

As an optimization leader, you know the value testing brings to your company. Your team is making decisions based on test results and each success leaves you hunting for more ways to optimize. But where do you look next?

To increase opportunity, we find that optimization teams are expanding their testing focus beyond just the look and feel of their site. They are testing deeper. They test new areas of their site such as search algorithms to optimize conversions or new features to help minimize risk.

Don't Fall in Love with Your Site Redesign

Ellen Julian

The blessed day finally arrives. After months of labor selecting images and messages, the design team is ready to deliver a simpler version of your website. Excitement abounds as designers reveal gorgeous images uncluttered by pesky text. Yes, millions of visitors are about to meet your new baby!!

Testing as a Mindset

Kim Ann King

There’s something really liberating about being able to test all of your beliefs. If you want to build a culture of optimization through testing, that’s what you have to do. Adopting experimentation as a mindset will enable you to test more ideas, brainstorm more alternatives, and maximize what's possible.

Fishing for Conversion Optimizers

Ellen Julian

Looking to hook a Conversion Optimizer? You’re not alone. A search on LinkedIn yields over 19,000 jobs in conversion optimization. And in Menlo Park alone, there are 1,468 optimization jobs, according to SimplyHired.