Building a Website Testing and Optimization Program: Implementation (Part 2)

Kim Ann King

A common disappointment among companies deploying testing and optimization technology stems from tests that fail to produce the type of gains expected. Seemingly without rhyme or reason, even the most dramatic design changes yield “no significant differences” based on simple measures such as click-through and even less for more involved down-stream metrics such as conversion rate. While this is the reality of testing, I believe that much of the disappointment stems from a lack of attention to the definition of “success” and“failure” as the design or changes are implemented.

Building a Culture of Optimization: Planning (Part 1)

Kim Ann King

Whether you have been testing for years or you are just getting started, building a successful optimization program depends on careful planning, implementation, and measurement. This is the first in a three-part series of articles that looks at the steps involved in creating a successful optimization program.

Planning Your Optimization Program

Kim Ann King

Planning a successful optimization program depends on defining and refining your strategy.

In this post, we will explore ways to create your testing strategy, techniques for identifying key optimization opportunities, and best practices for developing a metrics-driven testing roadmap.

A Marketer’s Cheat Sheet for Web Optimization

Kim Ann King

You think you have a great website, but do you? If you are not optimizing your site via A/B and multivariate testing and behavioral targeting, you are likely not making the most of your online presence. So where to start? This checklist will help you make sure you're not only optimizing the effectiveness of your site, but also better engaging your audience, which will help you achieve your online marketing goals.

Mobilizing for Cyber Monday

Kim Ann King

If your mobile site is not ready for Cyber Monday, don't worry—there are things you can do any time to get started on the road to optimization success. Even with the different technical requirements of mobile devices, it is possible to easily and effectively increase mobile engagement through multivariate testing. In fact, mobile optimization using A/B and multivariate testing and targeting has been proven as one of the most effective and immediate methods to increase visitor engagement, mobile application adoption, and content consumption. Here are a couple of tips to get you started